There has been tremendous interest in the Running Races website with hundreds of people visiting each day. To make this website even more informative, it is necessary to leverage the knowledge and experience of all its users about the events for which they have information and have attended. Let’s start a… Read more »

  In this video I discuss my experience with the Fry’s Hohenort 15km race that I did on 14 January 2017. Given the state of my running I was fairly happy with my performance (time: 1hr 33min 27sec) and the way I managed my run/walk strategy. This is the curtain raiser for next… Read more »

My knee issue has changed the game for me, where early on I was crushing my runs and relishing hard runs to push my body to new limits. After 14 weeks of a marathon program and about a month  to go for the marathon I am at a crossroad in my… Read more »

The Arm Swing and Upper body are a generally neglected area in running but if used correctly these components regulate correct form (i.e., efficient  running ) and modulate your running pace. The video below covers important topics of arm swing and upper body posture, specifically the dynamics involved, the pitfalls to avoid… Read more »

Then and there I decided to not be beholden to my program and instead to “Listen To My Body”. And my body was saying take a week off because not only was my knee giving me trouble so too was my hips. You will remember in last week’s diary I… Read more »

Ok, so this past week I might have hit a snag in my debut marathon training. On my long run (22km) this past Sunday I experienced sharp pains in my right knee (just below the knee cap).  I also cannot seem to squat or lunge without feeling pain. This is… Read more »

The ultra-marathon world championship took place at Los Alcazares, Spain on Sunday. Team South Africa has done us proud by taking the team Gold medal. The highlight was a 2nd place showing by Bongumusa Mthembu (the 2014 Comrades champion) who ran a time of 6:24:05, a new South African record. Here are… Read more »

The video below covers important topics of ground contact and push-off, specifically the dynamics involved, the pitfalls to avoid and finally drills to promote shorter ground contact and stronger ground push-off. Here are the key take-aways: When running you want to limit your ground contact time as much as possible,… Read more »

Two weeks late but I eventually got this video loaded up. I had to contend with a new learning curve on how to do some video editing. Its not professionally done but the quality will definitely improve has I get more experienced. In this video I discuss my experience with… Read more »