A 9-year old from Melrose, Massachusetts set a new Age-spefic half marathon record  recently. The young man, Caleb Barnes, had to convince his parents that he is ready to do a Half Marathon. They wanted to get the okay from his pediatrician. (They did.) Then they had to find a race… Read more »

This last week has been categorized by strong windy days and seriously tired legs. This scenario did not help my focus which was to push myself on my training runs. I had four runs this week and with the sore legs and feet I found myself not sticky to last… Read more »

Week 11 – 14 To 20 Nov 2016

  Well, I am officially at the halfway mark with my training program for my debut Marathon (21st January 2017). This past week I substituted my long run (19.5km) with a Half Marathon race (the Blueboost Winelands Half Marathon that took place this past Saturday – 12 Nov in Stellenbosch)…. Read more »

This is the second installment in the video sharing series of informative video clips that I have stumbled across in my investigation into the proper running form. In this post the pelvis position and upper body keys are discussed. Here are some key thoughts when working on correct pelvis and… Read more »

It’s so important to understand how your body should be working in order to promote better running efficiency. In this video you will learn how the glutes and hamstrings function to promote a smooth running gait. The clip starts by explaining the function of muscles groups, how to best use… Read more »

I am starting this blog about 9 weeks into a 20-week program for my first marathon. I am using the Nike+ running app to generate the marathon program. I really like this app because its easy to follow and the plan is adaptive based on previous runs. The program features… Read more »

Mother of four, Suzy Goodwin (35 years old from North Carolina), might have broken the Guiness World Record for completing a half marathon (21.1 km) while pushing a triple jogging stroller. She completed in the North Carolina Halloween Half Marathon in Fayetteville on Sunday and here official time according to race… Read more »

Entries for the popular Soweto Marathon are officially closed but here are some interactive route maps that were recently uploaded to The Half Marathon (21.1 km) map is here The Full Marathon (42.2 km) map is here Image attribution : Soweto Marathon

One of South Africa’s elite distance runners, Stephen Mokoka, has now claimed a hat trick of wins in the Shanghai International Marathon (IAAF gold status race) having won previously in 2013 & 2014. His winning time was 2 hrs 10 min 18 sec. Enjoying a solitary lead in the last… Read more »