My Running

  In this video I discuss my experience with the Fry’s Hohenort 15km race that I did on 14 January 2017. Given the state of my running I was fairly happy with my performance (time: 1hr 33min 27sec) and the way I managed my run/walk strategy. This is the curtain raiser for next… Read more »

My knee issue has changed the game for me, where early on I was crushing my runs and relishing hard runs to push my body to new limits. After 14 weeks of a marathon program and about a month  to go for the marathon I am at a crossroad in my… Read more »

Then and there I decided to not be beholden to my program and instead to “Listen To My Body”. And my body was saying take a week off because not only was my knee giving me trouble so too was my hips. You will remember in last week’s diary I… Read more »

Ok, so this past week I might have hit a snag in my debut marathon training. On my long run (22km) this past Sunday I experienced sharp pains in my right knee (just below the knee cap).  I also cannot seem to squat or lunge without feeling pain. This is… Read more »

Two weeks late but I eventually got this video loaded up. I had to contend with a new learning curve on how to do some video editing. Its not professionally done but the quality will definitely improve has I get more experienced. In this video I discuss my experience with… Read more »

This last week has been categorized by strong windy days and seriously tired legs. This scenario did not help my focus which was to push myself on my training runs. I had four runs this week and with the sore legs and feet I found myself not sticky to last… Read more »

Week 11 – 14 To 20 Nov 2016

  Well, I am officially at the halfway mark with my training program for my debut Marathon (21st January 2017). This past week I substituted my long run (19.5km) with a Half Marathon race (the Blueboost Winelands Half Marathon that took place this past Saturday – 12 Nov in Stellenbosch)…. Read more »

I am starting this blog about 9 weeks into a 20-week program for my first marathon. I am using the Nike+ running app to generate the marathon program. I really like this app because its easy to follow and the plan is adaptive based on previous runs. The program features… Read more »