About me

I am not an elite runner, more towards the middle of the pack. My love for running has been up and down. Having run in fits and starts for over 20 years though I finally have found a new passion for the sport. I am running consistently and enjoying pounding the pavement again.

I am discovery that the running technique is a lot more than just putting one foot in front of the other. There is merit to proper running form in that it promotes stamina through better efficiency and reduces injury. I have been bingeing on the online resources for running technique (and injury ┬áprevention) and its paying dividends in my performance. Sure I am in the honeymoon phase at the moment, hitting new PR’s and going faster. Its an awesome feeling going fast when all you have experience is the steady plodding of the 6+min/km pace. It feels like you are literally flying, your body working in complete harmony in a way that you feel unstoppable.

I started this website to share my running journey and establish a website around my interests. While the main feature of this site is the event listings, my hope is that this blog will provide useful training resource for other runners. Additionally I will provide interesting stories from the world of running and finally entertainment by following my running journal.