Greenpoint parkrun

Green Point Park, Green Point, Cape Town


Every Saturday at 8:00 am

  • Start at the pavement beside Vlei Road, next to the new Athletic Track parking area. Clearly marked red brick paving, towards the mountain.
  • Turn left to follow the paved pedestrian route before Helen Suzman Blvd. Towards McDonald’s.
  • Follow signs and paved green arrows directly to the elevated traffic circle
  • Keep right between pillars directly under elevated traffic circle
  • Take left branch paved fan walk to the main road, closest to station ramp
  • Keep right up to Main road fan walk, along wall and pillars beside parking area.
  • Along Main road pedestrian fan walk.
  • Turn-Around at the marker.
  • Keep right along fence, next to western bypass/Helen Suzman, back down under elevated traffic circle
  • Keep right directly under elevated traffic circle, between pillars
  • Follow council marked paved green arrows toward Athletic track, McDonald’s on right
  • Follow council marked green arrows diagonally across the open area, to between Athletics track on left, and Stadium on right, joining bicycle route
  • Cross Vlei Road and rejoin bicycle route
  • Cross Stephan Way as per council park route
  • Turn left to follow circuit at Bay road. Along fence with golf course and park on left. Straight on past the park entrances.
  • Turn left at Bill Peters Drive, keep along the wall of the Police station
  • Cross entrance to Swiss Club and TaeKwonDo Dojo as marked on council park route
  • Keep along fence/ wall to park on left to re-enter the park
  • Turn left on the paved path by the fountain
  • Straight down toward lighthouse, out the west gate.
  • Turn-around at lamp-pole outside the gate before the road
  • Keep left on main wide straight, over the wooden bridge, straight up and out east gate.
  • Finish to the right after the gate.

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