Efficient running – The Pelvis and Upper Body

This is the second installment in the video sharing series of informative video clips that I have stumbled across in my investigation into the proper running form. In this post the pelvis position and upper body keys are discussed. Here are some key thoughts when working on correct pelvis and upper body:

  • Hips forward

Avoid the seated position with hips too far back. Your hips should be forward and leading. The hips should be aligned straight over the legs.

  • Back straight

Your back should be straight, not to hunched over. And if you are focusing on bringing your hips forward (from earlier point) we don’t want to overdo the hips and endĀ up with a hollowed out back either.

  • Upper body should have a slight forward lean

Your upper body should lean back or be too upright as these are both huge power leaks. Additionally a too extreme forward lean with expose your legs to unnecessary large impact forces.

  • Pull your shoulders back

Keep your upper body relaxed. While running sometimes we can tense up in a hunched position resulting in a stiff neck and upper shoulder pain. Instead, relax hand grip, pull shoulder back in a neutral position and think relaxed neck and head position.

  • Keep your core (stomach muscles) slightly activated

For efficient running you should slightly activate the core, so doing keeping the stomach muscles slightly tense. This action provides efficient transmission of power from different ends of the body.

In this video you will find a detailed breakdown of the above mentioned tips, some common mistakes and finally a drill to work on pelvis and upper body key positions.

Video by Forward Running

Image attribution: Designed by Freepik

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