Week 11 – 14 To 20 Nov 2016


Well, I am officially at the halfway mark with my training program for my debut Marathon (21st January 2017). This past week I substituted my long run (19.5km) with a Half Marathon race (the Blueboost Winelands Half Marathon that took place this past Saturday – 12 Nov in Stellenbosch). The race report will be covered in a separate video that will be published during the course of this week after the necessary video editing is complete.

After submitting all my week 10 runs, the Nike+ running app conducted a program adaptation and now my week 11 mostly comprises of recovery runs, 4 in total. Here is what my running program looks like this week:

Week 11

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Recovery 10km

Wednesday: Recovery 7.5km

Thursday: Recovery 7.5km

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Recovery 10km

Sunday: Rest

My total estimated mileage for this week is 35km. While I have just completed a half marathon a couple of days ago I am itching to race again. I am thinking of mixing it up and doing a shorter road race (probably a 10km) or a trail run.

For my training I have decided to start working on my pacing. Specifically focusing on getting out of my comfort zone and instead start to push myself so that by the end of my workouts I feel that I have given it my all. Without going into my performance at the Blueboost in detail here, this is what I believe held me back in my performance. The fact that I held myself back and avoided the “pain cave”, at the end of the race I actually felt strong. While this is the goal to finish strong, the rest of the race was way over goal pace. So is my focus for the next couple of weeks, explore the “pain cave” and learn to deal with being in it.


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