Week 12 – Debut Marathon Program Diary

This last week has been categorized by strong windy days and seriously tired legs. This scenario did not help my focus which was to push myself on my training runs. I had four runs this week and with the sore legs and feet I found myself not sticky to last weeks program as published by instead my runs shifted out to the end of the week. This forced a heavier run load for the weekend and this coincided with some of the stronger wind days which was karma i guess. Any way I got my runs in and had some good moments. Note none of last weeks runs were particularly long so I still have to work on my endurance but the encouraging facts were that I performed well in windy conditions and I moved up in pace group (from 6min to 5min45sec group) on my weekly club run.

This week will feature a long run of 22 km. I am hoping to complete this run with minimum breaks (preferably none) and also to maintain a steady pace for 70% of the run and finish strong in the last 5km. I plan on doing some gym work on my off running days. Tuesday is a short speed workout where I will be running 400m @ 4:15 pace with 90 sec rest, this interval training is good for building speed and exercising in the “pain cave”. My Thursday according to my program should only be 6km but I am substituting it for my regular weekly club run ~10-11km.

Here is what the running program looks like this week:

Week 12 (21 – 27 November 2016)

Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Speed 6 x 400m (4min 15sec  pace with 90 sec rest)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Recovery 10km

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Long 22km

Sunday: Rest


So I have been checking out the race calendar and there are a few local 10 km races coming up that look like fun. Living in the southern suburbs of Cape Town the most convenient mid-week race is Pollsmoor 10km on 7 December. So I will be doing the Pollsmoor 10km and my goals are obviously for a PB. Now I have not done a 10km road race in a while but i figure to break 55 min will satisfy this goal. This is a real and attainable goal in my mind. The points of concern are that I am not really sure of the route (is it fast & flat  or hilly) but I do know this area is really prone to strong winds thus the conservative goal. This race will be an excellent opportunity to make good on my training goal of pushing myself harder and faster.


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