Week 13 – Ouch! My Knee Hurts

Ok, so this past week I might have hit a snag in my debut marathon training. On my long run (22km) this past Sunday I experienced sharp pains in my right knee (just below the knee cap).  I also cannot seem to squat or lunge without feeling pain. This is quite concerning obviously as I am at a crucial time in the program. The long runs will be getting longer but my body is telling to take it easy and maybe take a break.

My plan this week is to take a few extra days rest and move my runs towards the end of the week. I hope to complete this week’s run load but I will be monitoring my knee as I do not want a long lasting injury. Here is what this week’s training looks like:

Week 13 (28 November – 4 December 2016)

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Benchmark Run

Thursday: Recovery 10km (with the running club)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Long 26km

The most concerning is obviously the long run. The 26km run would be my longest ever run and since last week my knee started failing at 15km I am very concerned this will happen again. My focus this week is too listen to my body and not hurt this knee further, I really want to stick to this program but I have to re-evaluate if things get worse because I cannot afford a long layoff. The marathon is on 21 Jan 2017, this is just less than two months away, so it crunch time.

In terms of races, I still plan on doing the Pollsmoor 10km (7 Dec 2016) but I have not entered yet because of this knee issue. I still have till race day to decide, obviously I am itching to race again but I have to be responsible and look at the big picture.

Anyway, race well all.

Cheers! – theCapeRunner

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